Saturday, September 05, 2009


I've wrestled a lot with God this summer. In May, we heard the unbelievable news that a dear friend in our small family-like community had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of thyroid cancer. He had only weeks to live, the doctors said.

Sean McCabe is only 47 years old, an accomplished artist, athlete, much-loved high school art teacher, respected community member, as well as a beloved husband to Laura and dad to his two precious daughters, Novie and Dashe, ages 6 and 3. Sean is unwavering in his faith in Jesus Christ. He has lived his life in such an exemplary way that students who have sat in his classes are never quite the same after spending time with Mr. McCabe. I know this because I've been reading their guestbook entries on Sean's CaringBridge website.

For those of you who aren't familiar with CaringBridge, it's a web-based service that offers free, personalized websites that support and connect loved ones during critical illness, treatment, and recovery. To date, Sean has had almost 38,000 family and friends visit his site. It's an amazing way for people to connect, to express their love, their prayers, to organize fund-raisers, meals for Sean's family, and much more.

In his July 21 entry, Sean wrote a poignant message from his heart, saying that he was preparing to meet his Maker and Savior, and offering wisdom that can only come from grappling with pressing life and death issues. This is a must-read. Most of the time, journal entries come from friends, but today, Sean surprised us with another personal update. His transparency and humility move me to tears. He is so honest about the incredibly difficult journey he is taking, yet his faith grows stronger day by day. That he is still with us, is a miracle. Only God knows the number of days for Sean-- or for any of us.

Through Sean and his writing on CaringBridge, I'm reminded that we're only passing through this lifetime--whether we have 47 or 97 years here on this earth. Life is temporary. Sean's example underscores the challenge to make the most of each day we're given. But he also asks that we look ahead to the promise of eternal life in Christ.

Here are some of Sean's words:

I have a huge favor to ask of all of my dear friends. I am asking out of love for you all to consider your own salvation. I humbly ask out with the deepest respect that each of you consider the person of Jesus Christ. I have been requesting that people read through the gospel of John with a sincere and open heart, and consider the person of Christ. I am not being judgmental in any way, nor am I asking for anyone of you to check your minds and intellect out the door. I am only sharing out of my deepest love to you what has had the biggest impact in my life. Jesus said he is the only way, so it may be something worth examining. My love for all of you has nothing to do with the choice you make regarding the person of Christ, your ultimate decision is yours and yours only, it is precious and very personal. I am only sharing, perhaps even selfishly so, I so want to see all of you in Heaven!

Thank you, Sean, for sending your courage and faith far beyond our small community, far beyond your wildest dreams. May God be praised in and through your life!

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