Friday, July 03, 2009

Pearl Girls!

Last week I received my complimentary copies of Pearl Girls: encountering grit, experiencing grace, a collection of stories compiled by author, Margaret McSweeney. These are life lessons shared by women who have experienced "some of the worst things life can throw at us--abandonment, abuse, death, loss, illness, and disappointment--only to discover God is greater than any of them."

I had the pleasure of meeting Margaret at a writers retreat last October. We sat near each other at lunch one day, and Margaret told us about her concept of Pearl Girls--how God can transform our gritty life stories into precious pearls of hope.

I love that idea--and Margaret's commitment to use all proceeds from the book to benefit WINGS (Women in Need Growing Stronger), a safe house for women and children fleeing domestic violence in the northwest Chicago suburbs, and Hands of Hope , a program that builds wells in African villages.

Margaret invited us to send in our stories. True to form, I waited several months, then contacted Margaret. The manuscript had already gone to the publisher, but her assistant said I could write a guest blog for Margaret's website. "How about two blogs?" she suggested.

"That would be great," I said in my email, wishing I hadn't procrastinated, but grateful for the opportunity to submit my blogs.

A couple of weeks after I sent in my second blog, Margaret's assistant called me. "The format of Pearl Girls has changed, and they need another story. We'd like to use yours."

Amazing how that came spite of my tendency to put things off until later. And what a privilege to stand in the company of so many other excellent authors. As a reader, I'm definitely hooked. I'm turning pages as fast as I can to read the next story, stories of God's incredible grace and mercy. I'm proud and humbled at the same time to be called a Pearl Girl.

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Michele S said...

Deb! How cool is that!? So happy for you ... and the book looks fabulous! Hugs!